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I did a thing.

Recently (not today), I took the BIGGEST ‘STEP’ I’ve taken in Australia besides getting on/off the damn plane in May 2013!

I purchased my Lily Pad, well, purchased the mortgage, that is! ‘The Lily Pad’ refers to the 50 square meter (500 square foot) studio I moved into 3 years ago in my downsize from ‘The Palace’ on the harbour I rented previously.

This thing I did was also THE BIGGEST move I ever made without actually making a move! It was a MOMENTOUS mindset move!

Ya’ see, on October 12, I learned I had 90 days to vacate ‘The Lily Pad’. I knew that notification was coming, yet panicked when it arrived. I’d never felt THIS destabilized with such news, even as a chronic renter. The timing sucked for a bajillion reasons, but when is there ever a good time for a move? So this time it was a different panic. All I could think was find a ‘home’ as fast as I could.

Now... I love SO much about Newcastle, EXCEPT the rental real estate process! I abhor it. AND it was annoying that options for my preferences (albeit privileged preferences) meant I’d pay more for less features I wanted.

Thankfully, my Inner Wise One made a pivotal call to a helpful neighbour in the fray of the first reactionary hour. I inquired about his knowledge of rental options. In the chat he suggested I buy it.

THAT suggestion triggered my fire-breathing Inner Protector onto her soap-box - she went to her default speech:

"I’m an American, I’ve seen/felt what can happen in a town being developed like Newcastle. There’s no evidence in my family than anyone ‘wins’ in real estate. I’m 51 years old, why would I want to commit to a 30 year mortgage. Qualifying for a mortgage would behold me to my job, which makes me feel strangled! I want to be free to be a gypsy! NO THANKS, I’ll move."

Bless his heart!

And so I dashed from inspection to inspection – even put a non-refundable deposit on a ‘good enough’ place that bought me 4 weeks ‘til lease signing.

Yet somewhere in this fray, my Inner Wise One did start finding out if I could actually buy instead of move.

One thing led to another – and with help of wild Astro-Numerology, ‘signs’ from my Guides, lessons on mortgages in Oz that differ from the US, strategic + loving support from key Earth Angels AND feeling which option made my body feel light/relief vs heavy/constricted – the settlement on the move that wasn’t a move happened at 11:11am, December 18, 2019. note: if you know me, you know I'd take note of that timing!

Now before people draw all sorts of conclusions, lemme say:

This investment DOES NOT mean:

  • I am now a believer in what many Australians repeatedly said, “You can’t lose in real estate” – be forewarned you might get decked if you say it to me too!

  • I am staying in Newcastle forever.

  • I am never returning to live in the USA.

This investment DOES mean:

  • I am here for the foreseeable future; however I was anyway!

  • I have a little nest, i.e., an image of 'home' on my 1st Vision Board in 2004.

  • In June 2020, I can rent out ‘The Lily Pad’, fly away a while and then come back to land another day.

  • I have a capacity for 180° mindset shifts. I’m banking on this for 2020+!

I can’t say I felt exuberant when notification of settlement came at 11:11; however I DID appreciate the portal this move signified AND I felt ‘settled’with a dash of excitement, a dollop of fear and most of all, pride for this thing I did.

What was one of your big moves this year?



note: these blog posts were originally posted between 2018 - 2020 on a different website of mine.

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