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Image of Elysa Roberts smiling, looking at viewer while leaning on a wall with her arms folded. She's wearing green and black and has curly hair past her shoulders

"I know how easy it is for your worthiness to get buried under doubt, limiting beliefs, archaic rules, and societal conditioning.

And, I know how to use story, science, strategy, and soul to equip you with the mindset and practices to reclaim your power, find your voice, embody your confidence, and make the impact that matters to you.”

        Dr. Elysa Roberts

Elysa Roberts image - photo is taken from the back and she is turned back to camera looking over her left shoulder with a smile and curly hair

She is highly educated and wisely ‘woo woo’,

free-spirited, Divinely-connected, goddess-inspired,

often fearful, sometimes courageous,

deep thinking, yet more often day-dreaming,

blissfully ignorant, always aspiring,

a little bit country, a little bit rock-and-roll

and finally, self-loving.

Meet Dr. Elysa Roberts



​I speak on timely and important topics related to unearthing our worth and reclaiming inner wisdom, soul sovereignty and embodied confidence. I love blending story, science, strategy and soul to inspire audiences to shift their paradigms and upgrade their moods, mindset, bodies, boundaries and bottom-line in their life, livelihood, and legacy.


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My coaching style is empathic, skillful, intuitive, and passionate. As your Coach, we partner in keeping your vision, realizing your potential, and fostering accountability to make your daydreams reality. I'll create a courageous and compassionate space for your revelations, shifts and transformation. I love working with deep thinkers, helping professionals, creatives and budding entrepreneurs who are seeking more clarity, authentic self-expression and confidence.

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Learning is liberating to me.

Therefore, I teach topics and takeaways designed to impart wisdom, inspire critical thinking, disrupt outdated patterns, and equip participants with capacity to grow, evolve and become agents of change for themselves and others.

My Masterclasses and Workshops are infused with story, science, strategy and soul.


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I strive to write in ways that connect, teach, and inspire reflection and action. My writing is informed by my lived experience, life lessons, investigative nature, and dedication to making a difference.


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