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Hello! I’m Dr. Elysa Roberts, or ‘Lysee’ as my Australian friends call me. Born in Ohio, raised mostly in Florida, I now reside in a beautiful studio apartment overlooking the harbour in Newcastle, Australia. Besides being a BARE Certified Coach, I have a background in Life Purpose Coaching, both clinical and research occupational therapy – and I’ve been teaching in higher education for 20+ years. Lastly, I’m known for blending my value for evidence-informed practice with an equal measure of Divine guidance!


I am super passionate and committed to helping womxn break the pattern of believing their worth has anything to do with their weight, shape or size. I work with clients who have become distracted by “diet culture”, and spend so much time, energy and money trying to be thin enough or fit enough, that they put their passions and potential on hold. I work with womxn who are like I was.


Until my mid-40s, I held a belief I absorbed as a little girl: that my worth was related to my weight. I even developed an eating disorder that plagued me on and off for 25 years. All that time, I earned three degrees, even a PhD; worked as an occupational therapist, university educator and professional Coach; was married, divorced, in and out of relationships; had a bit of a social life and was relatively ‘fit’. On the surface, I ‘looked like’ I had plenty going well.


But I felt like a complete imposter. Inside, I longed to be ‘authentically’ healthy; stop those distracting thoughts of what I would or could eat; enjoy life’s pleasures guilt-free and move forward with the passion projects I day-dreamed about.


Not long after moving to the opposite side of the world by myself, I realised there had to be another way. I hired a Coach to help me recover from Bulimia Nervosa, body image issues and Diet Culture. In time, I stopped dieting, obsessing about food, over-exercising, avoiding photos and declining invitations.


And, I finally started to pursue my passions, purpose and potential. I shifted my academic research to topics on recovery from eating disorders and blended my personal journey into my research, speaking and teaching. Then I became a BARE Certified Coach, equipped to share the practices that made the difference in my life.

I am living proof that we can live lighter and brighter when we disconnect from Diet Culture AND I love coaching womxn on their journey to live BARE.


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Oh, and as for my body nowShe found her natural size and shape. She fluctuates a bit with the seasons, lets me know what feels most nourishing and appreciates my gratitude, respect and compassion for our journey for over 50 years.


Who do I work with?

I work with professional womxn in their 20s – 50s who are ready to transform their relationship with their bodies, put themselves on the front burner and stop postponing their passions and potential – all while busting societal mistruths to revise history!


Maybe you’ve been there like I was or womxn I’ve coached were:

  • Opting to take photos to avoid being in them; focusing more on how you look than the memorable experience a photo captured

  • Being so distracted by thoughts about what you did or didn’t eat all day that you don’t get your to do list finished!

  • Dressing to camouflage your shape if it doesn’t fit fashion’s ever-changing trends.

  • Postponing going for promotion, attending a social event, or taking a holiday until you lose that ‘last ten pounds’.

  • Spending time and money on the next trend to ‘beat the bulge’ instead of on compassion-focused, science-backed ways to boost your mood, mind and body.

You wouldn’t be alone if the more you are absorbed in what/how much you do or don’t eat, the more side-tracked you are from joy, connection and confidence.


How We Can Work Together?

I offer 1-on-1 BARE or Oracle coaching via Zoom, Dare to GO BARE workshop facilitation (online or live) and keynote speaking with the Speaking BARE Series. I'd love to work with you.


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I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians, the Awabakal people, of the land where I live to create, work, and flourish.

I pay my respect to Ancestors and Elders, past, present, and future. I recognize the unique cultural and spiritual relationship and celebrate the contributions of all First Nations peoples to Australia.

I recognize that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this land for over 65,000 years.

Always was, always will be.

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