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About Elysa Roberts, PhD, OTR/L, MCC, CLC

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Why I Work In the Ways I Do


My passion is equipping deep thinkers, helping professionals, creatives, and emerging entrepreneurs to reconnect to inner wisdom, shift paradigms, clarify what matters most and show up authentically and confidently at work, at home, in relationships and in the mirror.  

What gets me out of bed is having another chance to inspire, educate, and empower folks/folx from the stage, page, online or in-person space to show up authentically in their lifestyle, livelihood and living legacy.  


What makes for a great night’s sleep is sensing that I lived my why that day - that someone I connected with felt the fear and did it anyway, quieted that Inner Judge, adorned themselves in ways that broke the rules, ate dessert first, and expressed themselves in ways that didn't sacrifice their soul – regardless of what others might think or say!

At the core of what I offer here is certainly my education and expertise - more so, are my experiences, the pitfalls and pinnacles. I have a deeply personal understanding of how easy it is for our essence, identities, and confidence to get: derailed by upholding societal/familial rules, buried beneath layers of self-doubt and stuck in ruts physically, mentally, financially, and soulfully. I speak, coach, teach and guide from lived experience. I know what it takes to recalibrate our mindsets, sync our inner essence with our outer expression and dare to do what lights us up, scratches that itch, and/or defies being typecast or underestimated.

How I Do This Work


I combine story, science, strategy, and soul in my Keynote talks, Masterclasses, workshops and distinctive coaching offers. As a speaker, teacher and/or coach, I’m known for my authenticity, approachability, passion from the podium, and capacity to challenge with compassion. I spark thinking and acting with greater conviction, meaning and passion.

I work virtually or in-person, 1:1 and in groups with clients who are individuals, organizations, or businesses.  My work takes the shape of inspiring and informative keynote talks, impactful workshops, and sharing in transformative coaching conversations.


Those I've worked describe me as a Soul Coach, Vision Keeper, Champion for Change, Spirit Mumma, Fairy Godmother, Bonus Aunty and Firecracker of Passion. These testaments are humbling and gratifying because it means how I work is working.

What’s Behind Why I Do What I Do

Looking back from my mid-50s, I’ve become who and offer what I needed leading up to mid-life.  Growing up, I was driven to keep the peace, behave and avoid conflict. I went to extremes to reach certain familial and societal ideals, while rebelling against others that made no sense to me. I often ended up going against the grain without even trying – my hair too curly, thighs to wide, soul too woo-woo, life and career choices too alternative.  I'd try for years to 'fix' myself, force my square peg into a round hold, 'tame my curls' and quiet my mind.  I got pretty good at this 'act' for a while - often looking like I had things figured out. Meanwhile, inside I was filled with doubt and angst.

Thankfully, time, tolerance for failure, courage to be vulnerable, and willingness to invest in myself, led me here - Living BARE and equipped with tools to design my authentic lifestyle, livelihood and legacy. 


My talking points, coaching programs and tools are infused with my years of lived experiences, research findings, skills training and experimentation. I love showing you how insidiously and intentionally societal norms and systemic influences work to dishearten and distract. And I love teaching how to intercept those acquired limiting beliefs keeping too many from showing up, speaking up and taking up space.


I abhor Patriarchal conditioning, Diet Culture and 'isms' and 'phobias' (e.g., ableism, racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, etc). I love revealing divisive tactics of these constructed forces (e.g., diet porn, the bro-code, stigma and tall poppy syndrome) and teach ways to take back our power no matter our age, educational level, how we identify or our size or shape.  


Ultimately, my work is my work.  I draw on my 20-year trek to freedom from an eating disorder, passion for blending science and intuition and ongoing learning to make my speaking, teaching, and coaching more inclusive, affirming, and accessible. 

What’s Behind How I Do What I Do


I expanded my ‘practice’ beyond traditional occupational therapy and into Speaking, Coaching, and Intuitive Guidance YEARS ago.  My own investment in professional coaching helped me realize I can communicate my messages and methods farther and faster if I do so in a private practice, beyond the 'boxes of bureaucracy'. 

Working here, outside the traditions, rules and constraints of the medical model, healthcare system or curricula in Higher Education, means I can use my skills, gifts, and unique background with more people in more spaces and across more geographic places.


I am a BARE Certified and Master Certified Coach and Certified Life Coach. My coaching is endorsed by trademarked, inclusive, and International Coaching Federation-accredited methodologies. 

American-born and raised – now living in Australia – I’m a seasoned University educator with a PhD and MS in occupational therapy and background in sociology. 


Every day I draw on my rich and diverse education, ‘out of the box’ thinking, and partnering style from 30 years in traditional and innovative roles as an occupational therapist, university educator, and/or personal or corporate coach.  I am committed to being a sound investment.  


When I’m not unearthing people’s worth or making a scene, I am probably eating dark chocolate, walking along the coastline of Awabakal Country a.k.a. Newcastle, Australia or my other home in southeast Florida, and noticing signs from the Universe assuring me I’m on the right path

with pleasure,

Elysa (she/her)


Let’s connect. Click here to book a 45-minute (no cost) Discovery Call to see if and/or how working together is a fit.

Listen to part of the story of how I got into this work - click here

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