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Hello! I’m Dr. Elysa Roberts or ‘Lysee’ as my Australian friends call me. Born in Ohio, raised mostly in Florida, I now reside in a beautiful studio apartment overlooking the harbour in Newcastle, Australia.

What I’d love for you to know ‘About Me’ is that I am super passionate and committed to empowering anyone identifying as a woman to stand in their power with abandon. 

Too often the problem holding women back is a lack of confidence, feeling hesitant to speak up, following archaic rules, and believing their worth has to do with their weight or wealth.


I get it! I’ve had those same problems!  Add to it feeling like an imposter, misfit, and failure. Sprinkle on top some lousy choices, big blunders, and unanticipated hurdles. And, top it off with loathing my body for a few decades!


I spent many years striving to reach impossible ideals. First, it was to have perfectly straight hair, despite being born with natural curls. Then it was to have a perky-ski-slope nose when I was born with a perfectly functional, ‘Barbara Streisand’ shaped nose*.  Eventually, my striving to be ‘thin enough’ regardless of my hourglass shape, morphed into a full-blown eating disorder.*


Mix in all sorts of striving to avoid conflict, please everyone, succeed academically, and reach some pinnacle of a career to be perpetually financially stable and you have a very self-doubting, distracted, and disheartened woman in her 40s.


Throughout this time, I did eventually make peace with my curls and earned 3 degrees including a Ph.D. and 2 Coaching Certifications to afford me a steady career and the ability to support myself after a divorce. And, I was initially ‘discharged recovered’ from my psychotherapist’s care. But, my inner worth wasn’t yet free. Eventually, I’d lapse back into my eating disorder, but not enough (in my self-critical opinion) to warrant speaking up or seeking help.


Instead, I’d keep trying to ‘fix’ what I thought was wrong with me and suffering in silence because I thought with all my credentials, clinical skills as an occupational therapist, and research knowledge, “I should know better” or “do better”.  That morphed into fierce Imposter Syndrome because on the outside, I looked like I had it all going on!  My harmful eating disordered behaviors weren’t super obvious, not even to medical professionals. My perfectionistic tendencies meant I performed well at work. And, I was friendly enough to appear socially connected.


Meanwhile, inside I knew the truth of how low my self-worth was and how inauthentic my health and looks were. I longed to be ‘authentically’ healthy; stop those distracting thoughts of what I would or could eat; enjoy life’s pleasures guilt-free and move forward with the passion projects I day-dreamed about (like building this business).


I was so desperate to be free of this inner turmoil I believed that when I crossed the International Date Line to take another career-building opportunity, that any remnants of my old life would not come with me!


Oh, but it did.  And so, I was 44, alone in a stunning part of Australia with a great job because I had the ‘just right’ resume and no husband, kids, pets, or a mortgage to keep me in the USA. And I felt powerless over myself.


Thankfully, I finally listened to my deepest inner wisdom and hired a coach. Now, this coach didn’t have a magic wand or anything, but she did see what was possible for me. She’d overcome something similar.  And, she had a way of relating to me that made it safe for me to finally use all the tools, knows how and intuition I had locked up in me under loads of doubt and self-sabotage. Turns out, there really wasn’t much wrong with me, but there was a whole lot wrong with what influenced me and my perceptions of myself. It was one of the best investments I ever made.


And now, I want to be your best investment.


I am highly certified, qualified, and experienced to coach, teach, and guide you to do the work that I did to free my worth, step into my power and finally be self-loving. What started as my mission to free myself from Diet Culture, the Patriarchy, Imposter Syndrome, people-pleasing, fear of trying, over-striving, and postponing MY passions is now at the core of my purpose and livelihood.

If my story resonates even a little, then please know it would be my greatest privilege and delight to work together to unearth your worth and free you to be, do and have all you desire and deserve.

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*Oh, and as for my body now… She found her natural size and shape. She fluctuates a bit with the seasons, lets me know what feels most nourishing, and appreciates my gratitude, respect, and compassion for our journey for over 50 years.  I did end up having a nose job in college. While I do appreciate the change to my face; that procedure did not prevent developing an eating disorder or the rest of the tale. I often wonder if I was the me I am now, would I have actually gone through with it.

Who do I work with?

I work 1:1 (virtual) with professional women, often in their 20s-40s, who want to become more confident, find their voice, reconnect with their body, and tap into their capacity to make an impact that matters – all while busting societal mistruths to revise history!


Currently, all new clients in Living BARE receive a complimentary Coaching with Cards session too. Coaching with Cards is a way I infuse coaching into an Oracle reading.


Additionally, I work (virtual or live) with organizations, business owners, and corporations to facilitate impactful Dare to Go BARE workshops and deliver inspiring and informative keynote talks with the Speaking BARE Series. Just book a Discovery Call or email me to discuss.

*If anything in this post raised concerns or thoughts related to an eating disorder, please click here for resources; reach out, it's worth it.


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