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About Me

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Hello, I'm Dr. Elysa Roberts (she/her), American-born (now living in Australia), and I'd love for you to know why I'm here, how I work and who I am.


​Through my distinctive coaching, Masterclasses, and Keynote talks, I combine story, science, strategy, and soul to help clients reconnect with their inner wisdom, shift their paradigms, clarify their needs, and show up authentically in all areas of their lives.


I am a Triple-Certified Coach and seasoned University educator with a PhD in Occupational Therapy. Often referred to as a Spirit Mumma, Soul Coach, Vision Keeper, or Fairy Godmother, I’m known for my authenticity, passion from the podium, and capacity to see people’s potential before they do.


At the core of my work is a deep and personal understanding of how easy it is for our confidence to get buried under limiting beliefs, archaic rules, and societal conditioning. Therefore, I am all about equipping deep thinkers, helping professionals, creatives, and budding entrepreneurs to reclaim their voice, embody their confidence, and make an impact in areas that matter to them.  


I draw on my 20-year journey to freedom from an eating disorder, passion for evidence-informed approaches, and commitment to evolving my coaching profession to guide others like me in breaking free from the influences of Diet Culture, Imposter Syndrome, people-pleasing, Patriarchal conditioning, and more.


I expanded my work into Coaching, Speaking, and Intuitive Guidance because I can share my messages, teachings, and coaching ‘beyond the boxes of bureaucracy' better this way.  Working outside the healthcare system or curriculum in Higher Education means I can use my skills, gifts, and unique background with more people in more spaces.


Additionally, I work (virtually or live) with organizations, business owners, and corporations to facilitate impactful workshops and deliver inspiring and informative keynote talks.


​When I’m not unearthing people’s worth, I am probably eating dark chocolate, walking along the coastline of Newcastle, Australia (or my other home in Florida), and noticing signs from the Universe assuring me I’m on the right path. ​


Let’s connect. Click here to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call to see if and/or how working together is a fit.

with pleasure,



Listen to a part of the story of how I got into this work - click  here

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