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If you totaled up all the hours you’ve spent dieting, cleansing, worrying about carbs, tallying points, counting macros, trying to shrink your body, beating up on yourself for eating cake, willing the number on the scale to go down …how much time would it be? Hundreds of hours? Thousands? Such a huge amount of time, right?  


Such a huge waste of time.


Imagine all you could have done in that time – launched your business, written a book, sailed around the world, earned a degree, fell in love and so much more!


If you’ve found this spot, then I know you are ready to stop wasting time with pointless diets, postponing your dreams, and making excuses instead of memories. 


  • You are ready to make the most of your one precious life!

  • You are ready to treat yourself with exceptional care!

  • You are ready to let what feels like love be your guiding light!

  • You are ready to do, be and have whatever you want for yourself!


You are ready to go BARE.

You are ready for The BARE™ Process  a trademarked method to: connect to your body, soul and goals in new ways; intercept diet culture’s messaging; build self-loving, healthy habits; and do what you’ve been postponing for the life you deserve.


Contact me at elysarobertsco@gmail.com for details on the 7-steps of The BARE™ Process. Let’s organize a phone or video call to see/feel the best way for you to go BARE.  There are ways to go BARE that fit every style and every budget. It’s a no obligation talk, I promise! However, you might just get a free gift


And by no means is BARE a quick fix nor does it work with the snap of a finger!  It is, however, a well-established way to transform your relationship with yourself and your life.  I know, because I live BARE. 


Here’s a glimpse of outcomes of The BARE™ Process:

  1. Rid your environment of ‘vibe vampires’ or ‘diet decoys’.

  2. Pursue pleasure, not willpower to have the body + life you love.

  3. Embrace exercise as an opportunity, not a transaction.

  4. Tune into what nourishes you with power and pleasure.

  5. Express your radiance right here and now, not ‘if only…’.

  6. Speak to yourself with compassion, not criticism.

  7. Show up, be seen - even make a scene. Stop postponing life!

Ok, click here to write that email to me! I know you will thank yourself for doing so!


Big love,