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Free Resources

Please enjoy the following resources that blend my passion for story, science, strategy and soul.


The secret, science-backed power of pleasure is nearly yours!

Click here to download this e-bundle to start using tools to take advantage of your natural instinct.

Included you'll find:

  • Introduction

  • Tool 1: Pleasure Hunt – use this exercise to diversify your pleasures for your personal needs.

  • Tool 2: Pleasure Protector – use this tool to ‘ring fence’ time and space for your pleasures.

  • Tool 3: Pleasure Planner/Tracker – use this tool to plan or capture your use of pleasure as power.

  • Special Offer

FREE RESOURCE VIBE IDEA LEADPAGE (3150 x 3150 px) (A4 Document).png

A vibe is a superpower - it acts as a frequency for your intentions!

Let your Vibe be your life, love, and livelihood partner!

Click here to receive Your VIBE GUIDE

3 Reasons to Receive the Vibe Guide:

  1. Your Vibe is your Divine Partner.

  2. Let your Vibe Work for you.

  3. Join the Vibe collective!

FREE RESOURE Track Your Courage, Find Your Confidence (A4 Document).png

What would you do if you had the confidence?

Click here to download a blog on how to find your supply of confidence and keep making more!

Included you'll learn how to:

  • Start by tracking your courage

  • Remember what you can trust inside you

  • Draw on the evidence of your Inner Trust to make your next daring heart move

  • Feel your confidence build!

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