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Authentic Livelihood Coaching

10, 1:1 sessions (plus) to optimize how to earn on your terms - $1597

  • 55 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

Authentic Livelihood Design Coaching equips you to: - re-align your livelihood with your gifts, talents, lifestyle, and legacy, - uncover conditioning and beliefs that hold you back, - build your confidence, courage, and boundaries, and - tap into your capacity to make the impact that matters to you! Through Authentic Livelihood Design Coaching, I coach, guide + hold you accountable (compassionately) to authentically express yourself, endorse yourself and your vision, and curate the life and legacy you truly desire. Authentic Livelihood Design Coaching includes: • Free Discovery Call [book on Services page!] • Ten, 1:1 coaching sessions informed by tools and techniques from The Life Purpose Institute, an ICF-accredited coach training school • Customization of topics, sequence, and exercises focused on reconnecting to your authentic worth, untapped potential and intuitive wisdom to earn a living (on YOUR terms) • A structure of accountability & communication in (and outside!) of sessions • My Certified Life & Career Coaching expertise, philosophy about human potential from years immersed in occupational therapy and sociology, skills as an educator, highest intentions, science/magic-backed knowledge, fierce compassion, and lived experience Authentic Livelihood Design Coaching is for you if you desire any or all the following: - Feeling enlivened by your livelihood again (or for the first time) - Building the confidence to do what once seemed impossible - Harnessing your energy and time to launch what’s on your ‘back-burner’ - Feeling competent and capable (instead of like an imposter in work and life) - Believing/Honoring the truth that your worth is not dependent on your workload or wins - Cultivating a lifestyle and livelihood that needs no apologies - Freedom from ‘shoulding’ on yourself and pleasing others at your soul’s expense - Letting go of worry about what others think and living on your terms (not society's) - Being carefree, productive, and prosperous as you finally flourish with authenticity It’s time to reboot your livelihood, lifestyle and legacy on your terms! Curious about your Authentic Livelihood Design or what results with Coaching for you might look like? Then let’s jump on a complimentary Discovery Call [book on Services page!] With pleasure, Elysa

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me within 24 hours. For Coaching with Oracles or Tailored to You, cancellations with at least 24 hours notice can be rebooked. Cancellations of these pre-paid sessions within less than cannot be refunded. No refunds are given once session is completed. For Coaching sessions associated with a program/package, a late fee could be incurred for repeated cancellations of sessions in less than 24 hours.

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