Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Me and The Universe

I wrote to the Universe today (right hand). And The Universe answered back (left hand).

A bit messy. Quick. Very enlightening.

It went like this:

Me: Dear Universe, what do you see for me on the other side of this Lionsgate Portal?

Universe: Freedom

Me: How so? In what way(s)?

Universe: All. In all ways.

It’s a mindset first. You’ve trapped yourself with your mind. So it’s your mindset.

Change your mindset, then you are free.

Me: Can you give me an example? Or be more specific please?

Universe: Ask what does this job free you to do, be, have? What does your home free you to do, be, have? Like that.

Reframe. How does your life allow you to serve others? How can you simplify your life to serve more? Differently?

Me: ok, then. If it’s about reframing, are my dreams or daydreams realistic or ought I just give them up and reframe what is?

Universe: Never give up dreams.

Me: Ok, then why does it feel so hard sometimes? Why do I seem to sabotage myself or my dreams with mindlessness?

Universe: because sometimes you are too mindFULL. You need lots of brain dumps.

Me: ok, but I feel so ‘behind’ or not done. I so crave ‘completion’ of some things. How do I reconcile lost time feeling with being productive?

Universe: You just did. You are now. Reframe. This or a brain dump is part of your productivity.

Once you surrender to this you’ll see how productive you are or can be.

Your planets mean you need certain ways to offset or reset. You need movement, stretching, nature – to do what feels good – or to see what looks good to you. Helps your mood. Then you’ll do more.

Me: wow, thank you. I hadn’t seen things that way, that maybe I have been fighting my nature at times. Reframes are helpful. I like the twist – Ok not be always be mindful! That it’s good to be mindLESS sometimes, to brain dump in all sorts of ways to move forward. And good to know, never give up dreams.

Thank you.



p.s. This process or experience is a bit 'weird' or 'risky' to share in a way. It may be perceived as 'woo woo' or worse to some, or at least it used to be. Now, I firmly believe it's becoming mainstream or will, if I can help it. Read on for how to try it yourself.

p.p.s. Some will see this exchange simply as my thoughts and reflections about what I already know. Ummm, sort of. But, nah. My thinking self would have been WAY wordier, way less matter of fact, way less confident. The ‘feel’ of this ‘Soul Talk’ is different. One day I’ll explain that.

For now, I'd just add that when I refer to The Universe, I 'envision' it as a collective of energy of my Guides, who are also a collective of God (how I tend to refer to Source Energy), other Divine Beings and loved ones. Mixed in is this collective is often the 'voice' of my True Self or Soul. Sometimes I might 'talk' to a specific 'voice'. Perhaps one day, I'll learn there is 'voice' I'm not yet aware of as 'spokesperson'.

When I do this style of journaling, I try to keep the conversation going - simply so I can keep my mind and emotions out of it. So the Q&A is a bit choppy. I can go journal more deeply later and did. Naturally, that reflection was more wordy and emotive - much more 'mortal' or 'muggle' like, ha!

Maybe my 'Soul Talk' resonates with you too - maybe you do or you’ll try it.

Here's my way:

Get your journal or paper and pen/pencil. Sit quietly. Take some deep, wide and full breaths. Close your eyes. Ask the Universe for its attention a few minutes. It will listen. Then write a question. Switch hands and write the answer. Note: if it’s too slow to catch the speed of info coming in, then it’s ok to write the answer with your dominant hand too.

Let me know how your ‘Soul Talk’ goes.

photo credit: @catmead_

note: these blog posts were originally posted between 2018 - 2020 on a different website of mine.

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