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The Tale of the Dance in the ‘Drop the Diet’ Dress

I love having photographic evidence of a tale that I once thought was just a legend.

This might seem like a random way to begin writing here again … and it is.

But, this a tale whose time has come. I posted it recently (originally June 2018) in a private FB group and thought, it's time to share this here too ... even if it's a bit uncomfortable to do so ... it's time.

This is The Tale of the Dance in the ‘Drop the Diet’ Dress.

-Once upon a time (over the weekend at a family function), I saw a photo of me.

-It was me, dancing in a dress. A dress that tells a story.

-This is me dancing in a dress I left at my sister's 5 years before this day when I moved to Australia; it was 10 years old by then. -This is me dancing in a dress I wasn't sure would fit anymore, that I was self-conscious wearing in my head before I even got on the plane or tried it on. -This is me dancing in a dress I first wore with uncomfortable 'gear' underneath to make me look like a stereotype of how I ‘should’ look instead of how I naturally looked. -This is me dancing in a dress I wore - with comfy modern 'shapewear' underneath, not punishing, shape-shifting, shrinking gear. -This is me dancing in a dress I haven't worn in 15 years - worn once to an event weeks before I'd leave my marriage, in part, because I my body wasn't good enough to hubby. -This is me dancing in a dress comfortably and confidently months before I turn 50. -This is me dancing in a dress I’m wearing comfortably and confidently 15 years later than the 1st time I wore it, in part, because several years ago I DROPPED THE DIET. And in doing so, little by little, over time, with all the principles of The BARE Process, my body actually dropped into its natural size and shape. -This is me dancing in a dress because I finally trusted the wisdom within and tolerated the discomfort it took to do so.

-This is me dancing in a dress that shows me the legend of our natural size is not legend.

-This is me living happily ever after.

The End.

Note: BARE is process, a philosophy and a practice dedicated to making women believers in the wisdom within that shows us if we choose what we eat, how we move, when we rest, who we spend time with, how we spend time, where we spend time, what we think, what we say … all from a place of love for ourselves, then we and our bodies are free to just be.

In the meantime, love and thank the skin you’re in.



p.s. let me know, what legends of self, soul and life you think just can’t really be true?

note: these blog posts were originally posted between 2018 - 2020 on a different website of mine.

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